We can install a new contemporary suite in your existing Bathroom or we can work with you to replan the space you have, possibly combining two smaller rooms, into a sleek, modern space using the latest materials and technologies.


We were asked to refurbish a bathroom on Lydden Grove in Wandsworth. The project was to replace a ceiling, to install new spot lights, replace tiling and install completely new bathroom furniture.

Whilst doing the work we found good ship lap cladding under the old existing cladding in quite good condition. To save the house from horrible black dust we avoided taking the cladding down by attaching new wooden joists to the ceiling to level it, providing a good flat surface for new LED down lights.

However we ran into an unexpected problem whilst wiring cables within the old partition wall for the new lights, extractor fan and under floor heating. The walls were filled in with builder’s rubbish so to avoid damage to the walls we spent the whole day removing crumbling pieces of old plaster to run the electrical cable. It’s amazing that we constantly find previous builders short cuts such as filling partition walls with unwanted rubbish. No quality builder would cut corners like this to save an hour or two. In doing this they had put their own work at risk and added a day’s overhead to future work as someone would have had to correct this at some point. Some builders work like that, that is not how the team at Pristine Finish work.


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